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Transitional Facility Operator - Refresher eLearning

This refresher eLearning course provides an opportunity to refresh your knowledge about the role of a Transitional Facility (TF) Operator and enhance your competency in biosecurity management. Your role is pivotal in safeguarding New Zealand from potential threats of pests and diseases.

About This Course



Course Fee
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The Transitional Facility Operator Refresher eLearning consists of self-directed learning activities via NZBA's eLearning portal. Candidates must have access to:


  • a good quality, stable internet connection

  • a laptop or desktop computer

  • and meet the following pre-requisites:


  • You must be a current Transitional Facility Operator to complete this Refresher eLearning Course.

  • You must complete the assigned pre-course work.

  • You must send through a copy of your TF operating manual to

  • You must send a colour copy of your photo ID to prior to starting course.

  • You must send a copy of your current certificate of training and your ATF number.

  • You will receive the Transitional Facility Operator resource book via email which you can print out.

  • You will receive a username and login for the NZBA eLearning website - you are required to log into this website to access your course.


The Transitional Facility Operator Refresher eLearning is concluded by an assessment, completed online. Candidates are required to pass the assessment to be approved by MPI.

Please note, a good level of English comprehension is needed, as is a basic level of written English in order to complete the MPI assessment requirements.

Duration of Online Course

The The Transitional Facility Operator Refresher eLearning is fully self-directed learning and must be completed within 2 weeks from enrolment.

  • After successful completion of this eLearning course and the assessment, NZBA will issue participants with an The Transitional Facility Operator certificate of training.

Course Objectives:

By completing this course, you will be able to:

  • describe biosecurity risks associated with a Transitional Facility.

  • explain TF operator biosecurity roles and responsibilities.

  • describe biosecurity risk management procedures and documents.

  • describe biosecurity legislation relevant to a TF.

  • apply TFGEN biosecurity requirements to a TF and TF manual.

  • discuss TF compliance and non-compliances.

Thank you for your commitment to enhancing biosecurity in New Zealand and for choosing to refresh your competency in biosecurity management with NZBA. If you have any questions or need any support, please contact us by email. 


This is an MPI-approved training course.

It is not NZQA approved or related to NZBA's registration status as a Private Training Establishment.

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