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Accredited Person - Air and Sea

The focus of this course is on air containers (Air Cans, Flat racks etc). This training is aimed at businesses that predominately handle air containers.

About This Course


5 Hours

Course Fee
(Excl. GST)


A MPI Accredited Person (AP) is at the front line of biosecurity, playing a key role in maintaining New Zealand free from unwanted pests and diseases associated with imported sea containers.
MPI has developed two versions of the Accredited Person Training. If your business mainly imports sea containers, then you should attend Accredited Person - Sea and Air training.

MPI Accredited Persons (APs) are responsible for effectively checking and managing contamination risks associated with imported air and sea containers.

All Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI - formerly MAF) Approved Transitional Facilities (ATF) for air and sea containers must have access to one or more Accredited Person (AP). Having a member of your own team approved by MPI as an Accredited Person (AP) helps you to avoid delays and potentially additional charges when clearing goods.

By the end of the Accredited Person - Air and Sea Training, you will be able to:

  • explain MPI's role and responsibility in relation to biosecurity

  • identify and describe some unwanted pests and diseases

  • explain the role and responsibilities of an Accredited Person

  • check a container

  • describe the actions to take when you find pests or contamination.

New Zealand Biosecurity Academy provides simple to understand, interactive training for you to become a MPI Accredited Person. We also provide refresher training and supplementary support to assist you in meeting MPI regulatory requirements via our Biosecurity Assistance Programme (BAP). 


Please note, a good level of English comprehension is needed, as is a basic level of written English in order to complete the MPI assessment requirements.

The Accredited Person - Air and Sea course is 5 hours in duration. 

  • After successful completion of this course and the assessment, NZBA will issue participants with an Accredited Person training certificate along with a set of instructions that need to be followed to become an MPI Accredited Person.

The online webinar consists of learning activities via video conference. Candidates must have access to:


  • a good quality, stable internet connection

  • a laptop or desktop computer

  • a web cam and microphone.

This is an MPI-approved training course.

It is not NZQA approved or related to NZBA's registration status as a Private Training Establishment. ​

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