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NZQA Category 1 Rating of NZBA

We're thrilled to announce that NZBA has been awarded a prestigious Category 1 rating in our very first external review. The report resonates with our strengths, emphasising our exceptional learner achievement, stakeholder value, program excellence, learner support, and compliance management.

NZBA Delivers Exceptional Results!

NZBA is proud to share our outstanding achievement in the External Evaluation and Review (EER) conducted by NZQA, the government organisation overseeing tertiary education. Our dedication to meeting statutory policies and criteria shines through in this independent evaluation.

As a Category One provider, NZQA expresses "High Confidence" in NZBA's educational performance and "Confidence" in NZBA's self-assessment capabilities.

Highlights of NZBA’s EER results:

  • Learner Achievement and Value: Our learners thrive, earning credits, certifications, and invaluable workplace skills. Stakeholder feedback confirms the immediate application of their training, boosting their confidence and communication abilities.

  • Value to Stakeholders: Learners, workplaces, and industries greatly value the outcomes of our training programs. Learners acquire new skills, knowledge, and improved well-being, while workplaces meet legislative requirements, ensure staff safety, and gain relevant expertise.

  • Program Design and Delivery: NZBA is praised for the relevance, engagement, and alignment of our training programs with industry and workplace needs. Personalised attention is fostered through small class sizes, and a diverse range of learning activities caters to various learning styles. Our comprehensive and consistent assessment moderation and feedback further enhance the learning experience.

  • Learner Support and Involvement: Each learner receives comprehensive and tailored support, including individualised attention and regular check-ins. Our inclusive learning environment and flexible delivery modes are highly appreciated by our learners.

  • Governance and Management: Effective governance and management practices are the backbone of NZBA. We maintain a clear organisational purpose and engage regularly with our advisory board. Feedback and resourcing discussions aid in self-assessment and future planning.

  • Compliance Management: NZBA ensures robust compliance management, with well-defined policies and procedures in place. We prioritise health and safety, conducting audits and adhering to ISO standards.

NZBA's health and safety awareness courses (including Health and Safety Champion Micro-Credential and Health and Safety Representative) as well as our Fire and Emergency Warden Duties course have been recognised as excellent, perfectly aligned with industry and workplace needs.

To learn more about our outstanding achievements, we invite you to:

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