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Everyone has a part to play in Biosecurity. A key role of being a New Zealander is to protect our taonga - the things that we value.

These Values Include:


2 Hours

Course Fee
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Did you realise a new wild plant species establishes in New Zealand every 39 days?

The New Zealand Biosecurity Academy can assist you and your team to better understand what Biosecurity really means, and practical and effective ways in which measures can be undertaken to protect New Zealand's economy, environment, and people's health from unwanted pests and diseases which may arrive from other countries.

If you are a Transitional Facility Operator (TFO), did you know that you are required to demonstrate a regular up-skilling or awareness programme for Accredited Persons (APs) who work within your facility. Whether you have a small or large team of Accredited Persons (APs), we can tailor a cost effective biosecurity awareness package specifically to your operational requirements.

This course is not NZQA approved or related to NZBA's registration status as a Private Training Establishment.

Contact us on 0800 392 436 for further information

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