Transitional Facility OperatoR

All Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI formerly MAF) Approved Transitional Facilities (ATF) require a Transitional Facility Operator (TFO), and in some cases a Deputy Transitional Facility Operator (TFO), to effectively manage and maintain biosecurity activities at their business.

Our comprehensive full day training course is delivered in simple to understand language to provide you a clear understanding of your role and responsibilities with regard to operating a transitional facility and meeting regulatory requirements.

By the end of the Transitional Facility Operator training, participants will be able to:

  • explain MPI's role and responsibility in relation to biosecurity

  • describe some unwanted contaminants, pests and diseases

  • describe some biosecurity systems and procedures

  • explain the role and responsibilities of a Transitional Facility  operator and an Accredited Person

  • identify the biosecurity legislation and key documents relevant for a Transitional Facility

  • explain biosecurity requirements for their Transitional Facility

  • describe actions to take when a non compliance is identified and possible consequences if not actioned.

Pre-requisite: You will need to complete a pre-course assignment and bring with you current copies of the Facility standard, Guidance document and your Transitional Facility Manual.

Where additional support or assistance is required with either developing, refreshing, or auditing against facility documentation required by MPI, we can provide cost effective and rapid assistance to minimize your compliance costs. 

It is important to note that the Transitional Facility Operator (TFO) has the overall responsibility for their transitional facility, managing its biosecurity procedures to ensure it complies with the operating standards for their transitional facility. The Transitional Facility Operator (TFO) must have the technical competence (qualifications, skills, experience) to perform the role and the financial authority to manage, operate and resource their transitional facility. Approval of a Transitional Facility Operator (TFO) takes into account their integrity, character and reputation.

A private training establishment granted registration by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

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